Why Independent Venue Week means so much to us

Independent Venue Week (IVW) means so much to the Hot Box staff and is an important stepping stone to help promote the local arts, cultural and creative community. 

Why does it mean so much, you ask?

1) We are not just an Independent Music Venue… 

Hot Box is a place for the skateboard and arts community to chill, relax, talk skate, play music, games and be creative. We don’t just sell skateboard products, during the day we are a community hub and skate shop,

2) Skate shop by day, turned music venue at night…

Every Friday and Saturday evening is live music night (other days vary) and our amazing Skate team will turn their shop into a music venue for Chelmsford’s nightlife community (now that’s dedication).

3) IVW is what we are about

We live, breathe and love music. Last year we welcomed International artists from all over the world to perform at our venue, which was important for us to deliver a cultural tapestry representative of the diverse city we live in.

Our local artists love playing here, we get so much great feedback from them. Unknown artists are also welcome to perform at our venue.

Absolute gem of a venue!! First time visiting and playing there last night, and it wont be the last (hopefully). It has unique style, and welcoming to all kinds of styles too. What a drinks selection.!!!! Nice bunch of guys working there too. Bang on. See you again soon.

Dal Beany, We Punch Tigers

Our resident promoter caters and puts these artists up at his own home, and feeding them like their his own kids! (again that’s dedication).

Come join us from Wednesday 29th January – Sunday 2nd February for some exciting acts and fun times at Hot Box Live Events.

A handful of pics of what this place means to the bands, enjoy…