What’s new at Hot Box Venue?

Firstly we hope everyone is keeping well in these uncertain turbulent times.

Over the last few months…

Many changes have happened to the venue, little tweaks with wiring, extra lighting, and a complete overhaul and update of the sound desk and routing from the stage and the décor has been steadily growing.

The Venue is now in partnership with DICE. A search on your mobile app store should reveal the dice app. This will offer users quick hassle-free access to all of our events and music based recommendations that make sense. We are proud to have Dice on board as our primary ticket agency.

We have installed some top-notch streaming gear with multiple cameras placed around the venue. These cameras will serve to capture live performances from the venue to be viewed globally, when combined with a mix straight off the mixing desk this will offer a streaming experience that we are incredibly proud of.

Join us in our first streaming session

Our first full streaming session featuring Leo Walrus will occur soon via our ‘Watch live‘ page, Youtube, and Facebook channel. We’d love for you to grab a cold one and join us.

P.S. Expect to see midweek DJ sets and regular live performances on Friday and Saturday nights each week with our mix of local and international talent.

Thanks as ever for your support!