Live Music

Live Music recorded right here at Hot Box;

Bands capture their Live Music with the most reliable and up to date equipment in the music Industry. Below Check out some of our personal favourites. Become part of the family to play here and get your tracks posted right here. Check out the Live Acts to come.

Leo C

Leo C with two tracks from his EP ‘Big Man’ recorded Live here at Hot Box. Be impressed with story like lyrics, an acoustic folk twang and a powerful voice. People have been said to feel Leo C’s performances in their bones.

Hideous Sun Demon

Hideous Sun Demon all the way from Australia with ‘Can’t live like that” a single released by the band in 2019. New wave Punk with tones like the Chats the band have had a lot of attention in 2018/2019 and gearing up for 2020 you will see the boys around for sure!. Read up on the release here. Listen to their latest release here.


Longy headlined the Saturday during IVW and has given us a beautiful song that we can listen to whenever right here. With sounds like Paolo Nutini and James Bay Longy gives you an acoustic set with drops of Saxophone dropped in.

Toad Sage

Local Colchester Rockers with a Jefferson Aeroplane cover ‘High Flying Bird’. These Bluesy guys have been building there set list, shows, voices, solos for along as we have known them. One of the best live bands around.