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28 Viaduct Road Chelmsford

Drinks List

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Magners (4.5% ABV) Cider – Irland

Magners Original is a Premium Irish Cider crafted with the finest blend of 17 Apple Varieties, picked from our orchards in Clonmel, Tipperary.

Single: £3.50

Brooklyn Naranjito (5.5% ABV) Orange Pale Ale – Australia

Naranjito is a classic American pale ale brewed with a sizable helping of sweet orange peel for just the right pop of citrus.

Single: £3.50

Meantime London Pale Ale (4.3% ABV) Pale Ale – England

British and American hops unite to make a sessionable pale ale that’s packed with citrus flavour.

Single: £3.50

Meantime Anytime IPA (4.7% ABV) IPA – England

Mosaic, Ekuanot, Cascade and Centennial hops create the ultimate session IPA. It’s tropical refreshment from the heart of London.

Single: £3.50

Drygate Orinoco (6.0% ABV) Mocha Milk Stout – Scotland

Orinoco is a multi-award-winning breakfast stout – coffee, chocolate, vanilla, oats and milk sugar add luxuriant and delicious flavours to a full-bodied, sweet and rounded stout.

Single: £3.50

Yestie Boys Gunnamatta (6.5% ABV) Beer – England

Yeastie Boys’ Gunnamatta utilises judicious amounts of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to generate an intoxicating floral and citrus aroma with the quenching dry finish of an ice tea.

Single: £3.50

Yestie Boys Bigmouth (4.4% ABV) Beer – England

Big Mouth is a session IPA rolling in at 4.4%, full of trademark South Pacific hops that give a mesmeric tropical taste.

Single: £3.50

Digital IPA (5.7% ABV) Beer – England

A classic New Zealand hopped IPA: clean malt, citrus and tropical hop flavours, with a bold bitter finish. Full of radical Nelson hops that deliver aroma and flavours reminiscent of a South Pacific holiday – mango, melon, white grape and a hint of citrus.

Single: £3.50

White Noise (4.4% ABV) Beer – England

A cloudy white ale that is perfect for those afternoon sessions after a hard day’s work or play. Pours a cloudy pale straw colour with a dense mousse-like white head. A perfumy coconut and vanilla note on the nose, with a little citrus and spice, and bready grains from the wheat.

Single: £3.50

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit (4.0% ABV) Cider – Sweden

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider delivers a delicious punch of raspberry and blackcurrant flavour. Refreshingly light, Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider is the taste of summer.

Single: £3.50