Karkara / ThirdDart

Fri 12 June 2020



French Krautrock/ psych legends head to Hot Box

KARKARA is the idea of glueing together the East and the West sound in a common goal: transcendence. Created in 2017 in Toulouse – France- and inspired by the psychedelic rock scene of the Middle East and the Maghreb, the band combines its traditional inspirations with a viceral taste for the shattering sounds of garage fuzz and german krautrock. Even going so far as to use their favorite atypical instrument – the didgeridoo – the three members of KARKARA, like desert wizards, take pleasure in pushing further the boundaries of the genre and take their audience into a mystical and indomitable world.Their debut album «Crystal Gazer», released in October 2019 through the Bristol label Stolen Body Records and the french cassette label Ghost Lizard Diffusion, is a hypnotic musical production inspired by the mystical folklores all around the middle eastern countries. The lyrics take the form of a mystical and narratives incantations that draw the thread of an epic journey that unfolds throughout all the album.

King Gizzard , Erkin Koray, Nusrat Ali Khan, Kyuss, Lotfi Bouchnak, Omar Khorshid, Soft Machine, Colour Haze, Jimi Hendrix, Camera, Señor Marküsen, Thee oh sees, Neşet Ertaş, Joy division…and everything from east to west




Local Lads https://www.facebook.com/ThirdDart/ have joined to support this evening. They will treat us to their own unique collage of sound spanning genres and multiple time signatures. The group are one of the tightest bands around


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