The Assassination Bureau

The Assassination Bureau

The Assassination Bureau an Essex based band comprised of

Isla Dogs – Bass Guitar and Vocals Dave D. Void – Guitar and Vocals Will D. Beest – Drums

1974, a fallout shelter miles below ground level in a country that no longer exists. After the spectacular failure of a mission to assassinate key members of a corrupt government. Three deniable agents find themselves locked in a seemingly impenetrable concrete structure. Their weapons confiscated, no means of escape. As the sound of gunfire came ever closer, their only hope of survival became clear. They began assembling crude instruments from leftover ration packs and elements of heating ducts.

The full story of their arduous return to civilisation requires a higher level of security clearance. After assuming new identities, and writing songs during long nights avoiding border patrols. The Assassination Bureau have successfully infiltrated the upper echelons of rock n roll society. Now an elite unit dedicated to fighting injustice and mediocrity. Playing an eclectic mix of punk, ska, reggae and beyond. The Bureau are guaranteed to astound and dismay audiences from the dive bar to the ambassador’s reception. This event will go live at 7 on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch and right here on our website.



Date And Time

29-04-21 @ 07:00 PM

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