Kid Hyena

Kid Hyena

Shakster Records returns with Electro Alt Hop from Barcelona Kid Hyena. Formed on the backstreets of Barcelona ‘Kid Hyena’ are a musical resistance that embrace the urban landscape of the city with crafted electronic beats & synth melodies. This they combine with an alchemy of sound featuring tap & body percussion, melodic ‘Alternative Rock’ infused bass and heartfelt voices sung in English and Spanish.

Both band members are keen lyricists with an eye for writing about social and cultural themes and their words are integral to the bands make up and trajectory.
Influenced by old school folk & hip hop sounds, alternative rock and experimental music the band have just recently finished an exploratory period of intensive recording where they released three albums over two and a half years.

They began with 2017’s acoustic statement ‘Rebel Heart Club’ and followed up in 2018 with musical collage ‘B Side Fantasy’.
Recently the band have completed their third album ‘Gravitate’ which showcases their new ‘Electro Alt Hop’ sound that you can hear live today.
Kid hyena release their music via Planet Road Records.

As ever the band cease to remain static and continue to look for new innovative ways forward with their music. They’ve several projects currently on the go including the acoustic ‘Soapbox 21’, a musical graphic novel, a new record label and new material for an as yet untitled album being recorded.


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21-05-21 @ 07:00 PM to
11:30 PM

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