Black Chapel Connect Live

Black Chapel Connect Live

The award winning show filmed at Hot Box returns for the live performance. The show itself was a year in the making and became a success as a film. Featuring local singers and songwriters collaborating to form the Black Chapel Collective. Steve Mortimer spearheaded the creative vision behind the project with Emjay media managing the project. The support from the council by granting funding allowed this project to go ahead. This evening will allow the performance to go ahead in its entirety with an audience as was intended.

The Black Chapel Collective are a creative group of musicians, video artists, film makers, DJ, s, rappers, dancers, and poets. They are all passionate about the current impacts of Climate Change. We have spent the last year specifically working on a New Exciting, Transformative and Contemporary Arts Project called “Connect”.
Connect” initially began as part of ESSSEX2020 – Essex Council won the bid to host the British Science Festival. This is a year long, county-wide celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM). Due to the Social restrictions we all faced last year because of COVID, the team adapted our initial proposal for Essex 2020 in an exciting and innovative way by moving from a live performance event into a film. This is available online free of charge and has currently received over 25k Facebook Views since November 2020. We more recently made the transition leap from a regional project to a National project with a ten-minute interview on Sky Lunchtime News. There we discussed the formation of The Black Chapel Collective and the wider vision of the Connect Project – that being a Creative Response to Climate Change. We are delighted to add that the Project has now reached a Global Stage with Connect winning Several International Film Festival Awards. Also, we were encouraged to receive further praise from a musical peer… We are so grateful to Essex 2020 and to Chelmsford City Council for their amazing support on this project. Thank you too, to all the incredible Musicians who have given their time and their talent to help make CONNECT a reality; Helen Connolly, Rachel Brooks, Kelli-Marie Sellwood, Ce Ce Xavier, Lula Hemmings, SafeNath, Sara Mortimer, Daniella Rhodes, Paul Carnell, Lucia Holm and DYB Yoga.

“Great work The Black Chapel Collective are doing in these Times”.Talvin Singh O.B.E

“This is indeed an amazing example of interdisciplinary collaboration! I will bear this in mind with the work that I do around higher arts education.” Mimi Harmer (Director The F List / Cellist/Composer and Chair of the Student Network for the Association of European Conservatoires)

Temple is a pumping Progressive House track that expresses the furious energy and positivity of life in all its fullness.
‘Temple’ is The Black Chapel Collective ft Lula Hemmings

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25-09-21 @ 07:00 PM to
11:00 PM

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